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I'm Your New Coach, Tanner Hanks

I'm a coach, always have been. I'm a student, I love to learn useful things & apply them.

I help awesome hoomans like you live a more fulfilled life with more connection and joy!

Does any of this sound familiar?

You feel stuck...

Something's missing...

A lack of connection...

You can't get out of your head...

Doom loops of negativity repeating in your mind...

Maybe even depressed...

I've been there. Really. I have.

I've been in the depths of depression, unable to function or get out of bed... mind stuck in a doom loop...

Surrounded by loved ones (or not) but still feeling a lack of connection...

Always trying to "brute force think" my way through problems or to solutions...

Stuck believing stories that aren't real AND don't serve me...

I finally realized what was missing...

What my spirit craved...

A connection that I thought I had, but never truly understood...

Connection to my higher power...

That higher being, intelligence, whatever it may be for you...

For me, it's God and Jesus Christ. For you, it could be the same or different.

But the reality is, if you're here, still reading this your spirit is craving that connection too.

I'm not saying I'm an expert or a spiritual guru...

Not in the slightest.

I am a regular person, that has been blessed with some irregular gifts.

Has had some irregular experiences and struggles, that have all led me to this place in my life.


So that I can help you.

Help you to reconnect.

To yourself.

To God.

To your spirit.

So you can live a life of joy and fulfillment.

"...Men are that they might have joy." -2 Nephi 2:25

If you want some guidance on any part of your life, business, etc. Schedule a intro session with me right below.

What Others Say About Me

"Tanner has a laidback, easy approach; gives you space to talk; pauses, tells you he's just thinking and then, bam: precisely articulates the issue, having extricated it from your verbal stream of why you may not be getting the results you want. And pulls a theory out of nowhere that accurately mirrors what you've been experiencing.

That was my experience during my session with Tanner. He nailed the root cause of my pressing business [personal] problem; offered practical solutions and mirrored back to me what I already knew. Tanner then gave me a model of working which encapsulates my talents and conveys to my ideal client what I can do for them.

For me, what Tanner offers is like a business therapy session. Tanner is generous with his time and his gifts. Highly recommended, if you're ready to gain some serious clarity to move you forward in business."

Tricia Mitchell - Wellbeing Coach & Energy Healing Practitioner

David Cross - Vision Digital

"I wish I had this kind of guidance when I first started my business. I'd be much further along if I had! I'm so looking forward to our next call! This is this kind of guidance I've paid for and never received from other [coaches/mentors]. He has given me so much direction in my business. He's not money hungry and has actually saved me money because he knows so much, he's well equipped to help me in ALL aspects of business. Not just selling people business information they can find on the internet for free. If you're looking for guidance and someone who actually knows what they're talking about, DO NOT HESITTATE to reach out to Tanner. The man knows that he's doing!"

Benita Akade - Certified Esthetician, Owner of Formulaire LLC

Laura Noland - LMN Marketing

What I've Been Learning

CCA is a program taught by Dan Nicholson, Nic Peterson & Randy Massengale certifying graduates in the Certainty Methodology that has been used for decades to build multiple 7, 8, and 9 figure companies.

My Teachers/Mentors:

Nic Peterson

Over the past 12 years Nic has built multiple 7 to 9 figure businesses, using the timeless principles taught in the CCA Program. He now focuses on building awesome stuff in Web 3, partnering with people focused on removing suffering from the world, and teaching others how to do the same in their own world.

Dan Nicholson

A Not Boring Finance Guy Helping Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs achieve Financial Certainty. WSJ/USA Today Best Selling Author and Certainty Coach.

Randy Massengale

Randy Massengale was a Senior Advisor for Bill Gates during the creation of Microsoft. Since then Randy has mentored and worked with many of the country's top minds.

Board Certified Hypnotherapist

I've used Hypnosis along with other mental tools to cure my depression and get off of medication. I've used hypnosis to help others with relaxation, peace, and more. In a hypnotic state, we access theta (or even delta) brain waves where suggestions can be made directly to the subconscious without your conscious mind getting in the way.

Certified Life Coach

In my quest to learn and better myself I've learned extremely useful life coaching tools and mechanisms. I find it amazing how much of what I've learned from this certification can be applied in business coaching. Hint: Most problems in a business are caused by the business owner...

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