I'm Tanner.

I coach and stuff.

I'm a husband & father of 3, after spending the better part of the last decade in sales, marketing and business I decided to finally surrender and follow God's path for me. I'm a coach.

My coaching blends life and business coaching, deeply recognizing the vital connection between personal well-being and professional success. Through a holistic and empathetic approach, I delve into the emotional and practical facets of clients' lives, identifying patterns and crafting bespoke solutions.

My unique method, background & gifts allows me to intertwine strategic business advising, spiritual insights, and practical decision-making, ensuring not only immediate solutions but also alignment with intrinsic calling and purpose.

So... I have to confess... AI wrote the last 2 paragraphs for me. Cool right? I am not so eloquent, but it was really accurate for how I work so I thought, "why the hell not?", and threw it up here.

Jennie McLaws

Reiki Master, Creation Coach, Essential Emotions Coach

"Tanner is an incredibly effective mentor and coach, skillfully guiding through areas of change and cause/effect patterns with an energy that initiates and solidifies transformation, avoiding cyclic stagnation.

His approach is not a one-size-fits-all proposal but is thoughtfully individualized to my needs. Working with Tanner has been a truly great experience, his skills in business, marketing, mentorship, and life coaching are not only accessible but also uniquely tailored.

His gift is to awaken the natural capacity in a person, his approach comes without any attachments, so there is a pureness to it"

"Tanner is simply amazing at what he does. He took my already functioning business with two offers and brilliantly crafted a third, integrating it seamlessly with the others.

His method provides clarity and a structured growth plan, aligning all aspects of my business to work in harmony. Tanner quickly understood my business, offering a toolbox of solutions through in-depth consulting and insightful questions.

He guides you to clarity on serving your clients effectively and simply. That’s Tanner’s impact - clear, purposeful, and client-focused solutions."

Shawn Butler, MBA

Brand Manager - BYU Marriot School of Business

Owner - RBD Agency

Learn More About Me

Why I do what I do

I've had struggles in my life... we all have. I believe that those struggles help to teach us and arm us with the wisdom and tools we need to better serve God's children and make an impact on this world.

One of my greatest struggles has been depression, lack of self-love, and feelings of unworthiness.

I spent much of my adolescence hating myself. It has taken years of work, internal, spiritual, energy, etc. to release the decades of negativity.

I didn't graduate college.

Even the people closest to me doubted I could be successful without a degree... They may honestly still doubt it.

I spent a lot of time working to get other certifications, always trying to gain credentials to prove something...

As I've continued in my journey of self-development, learning and love. I have come to learn that it's not about the credentials, it's about discovering and honing your gifts.

You are the ONLY you that exists. God has given you gifts, it's your duty to discover and develop them.

This is something that I've come to know as I've worked to develop my gifts.

Now about you.

You may have struggled with similar things, mental health, self-doubt, maybe just lack of clarity or fulfillment in your life.

That's where I can help you.

Coaching for Teens & Young Adults

This is something that I feel God wants me to do. I've learned a lot through my personal experiences and through my continued education through my coaches, mentors, and certifications. Not that the credentials matter.

I have struggles with depression since I was a teen and ADHD for nearly a decade (diagnosed after I dropped out of college, who knew?). With the tools, frameworks, and skills that I've developed I've been able to cure my depression.

Story time.
I was in a really bad depressive episode for most of 2019 and it culminated in May 2020. There was over a week where my depression was debilitating... my goal each day was to get out of bed long enough to give my wife and kids a kiss and tell them I love them. It was that bad. If it was a REALLY good day, I would add a shower and maybe making a meal in there. I wasn't functional. Medication wasn't working anymore. Therapy wasn't helping. That's when I started my journey into discovering other ways... because I couldn't live like this anymore. It wasn't fair to my family.

Fast forward to today. Would I go as far as to say my depression is cured? Maybe... The fact is, it's not something I worry about anymore. It doesn't even cross my mind. My worst days now, because I still do have bad days, sad days even. Are 100x better than my best days were then. Oh, important detail I almost forgot, I haven't been on medication since June 2020.

Why teens & young adults?

I've seen an influx of teens and young adults struggling with life in general, mental health, etc. and their parents aren't sure where to get them help or they can't find a therapist that is available. I'm in NO WAY claiming to be a therapist, treat mental health, or anything like that. But I really do believe that I can help.

I've been working with teens for over 10 years as a coach and teacher. I coached high school and middle school lacrosse and I've been a Sunday school teacher for my church primarily working with teenagers as well.

How can I help?

The main focus of my coaching is helping them rediscover who they are, what they love, and help them see that their biggest advantage in life is that they are the only them in existence. Things I wish I would have known when I was younger.

At the very least, a conversation wouldn't hurt. So if you want to talk to me more about working with you or one of your children, click the button below and fill out the survey, then schedule a call with me.

Biz/Marketing Stuff

I have spent the last 14 years in sales, marketing and business. I did 3 summers of door to door sales, was extremely successful at phone sales as a rep and manager, and then I ventured out on my own starting my marketing business.

Elevate Digital Marketing. I started out just doing Instagram growth, but added other services as I grew and learned. I now have a fully remote US based team that is awesome! We do everything from lead gen ads, to seo, to social media marketing. We've had clients stick with us for well... since the beginning, one of our longest clients has been with us for 5+ years and we've gotten some incredible PPC results for them. For you nerds, I'll give you some numbers, if you don't know what they mean, just know they're REALLY good! Avg cpc. $1.88, CP Action (calls/form fills) $23 (Therapy niche), CTR 5.48%, Conversion rate 8.3%

I've consulted many different types of businesses from online fitness coaches, to marketing agencies, to local businesses and many in between.

Want to work with Tanner?

Personal/Life Coaching

Right now I'm doing a beta group for my first group coaching program...

This is based on my mentor Nic Peterson's book "Bumpers"

but of course with my tweaks and additions.

Who this is for?

Purpose driven individuals who are....

  1. Willing to commitment to your personal growth

  2. Willing & able to invest time and resources

  3. Desire meaningful change in their life

  4. Willing to do the hard INTERNAL work

If that's you, then let's definitely chat! In order to keep an environment of safety and trust within the cohorts, I will personally talk with each person prior to them signing up. If you're not a good fit for this cohort, that's okay! We can discuss other options on the call.

Who this is NOT for?

I cannot help you if you are...

  1. Not open to new ideas or perspectives

  1. Unwilling to invest in your personal growth

  2. Want something quick and easy

The purpose of this program is to help you establish a foundation for success in your life, implement maintainable long lasting habits that will create REAL & MEANINGFUL change in your life over years to come.

I'm interested, what do I do next?

Click the button below and fill out the survey! On the 2nd page select "Life/Personal Coaching" and in the text area say that you are interested in the Bumpers Blueprint program and why you think you'd be a good fit.

What about 1 on 1 coaching?

Whether you're part of the accelerator or not, I do have the option for 1-1 coaching. We start with a month, where we do 3 calls focused on breaking down your biggest barriers. If you wish to continue, after that, we can discuss further 1-1 coaching.

Oh yea...

In case it matters to you... Here are some credentials and stuff.

Board Certified Hypnotherapist

I've used Hypnosis along with other mental tools to cure my depression and get off of medication. I've used hypnosis to help others with relaxation, peace, and more. In a hypnotic state, we access theta (or even delta) brain waves where suggestions can be made directly to the subconscious without your conscious mind getting in the way.

Certified Life Coach

In my quest to learn and better myself I've learned extremely useful life coaching tools and mechanisms. I find it amazing how much of what I've learned from this certification can be applied in business coaching. Hint: Most problems in a business are caused by the business owner...

Business/Marketing Coaching

"Tanner was quickly able to understand my business, get me to a point of clarity on how I can serve my clients, and the easiest, simplest path to give them the result they're looking for. It's given me such a purpose and a plan for my clients. That's what Tanner does. That's what he did for me."

Shawn Butler, Brand Manager - BYU Business School; Owner of Relevant Business Development, MBA & AMTG

Companies I've Worked With

Benita A.

Esthetician and Founder of Formulaire

"I wish I had this kind of guidance when I first started my business. I'd be much further along if I had! This is this kind of guidance I've paid for and never received from other [coaches/mentors]. He has given me so much direction in my business.

He's not money hungry and has actually saved me money because he knows so much, he's well equipped to help me in ALL aspects of business. Not just selling people business information they can find on the internet for free.

If you're looking for guidance and someone who actually knows what they're talking about, DO NOT HESITTATE to reach out to Tanner. The man knows that he's doing!"

"Tanner's laidback approach allows space for open dialogue. He listens, reflects, and then, with precision, articulates the core issue from your verbal stream, providing theories that accurately mirror experiences.

In my session, he pinpointed the root of my pressing business problem, offered practical solutions, and mirrored my own knowledge back to me, providing a working model that encapsulates my talents and communicates effectively to my ideal client.

Tanner's offerings resemble a business therapy session, generously sharing his time and gifts. Highly recommended for those ready to gain clarity and forward momentum in business."

Tricia Mitchell

Wellbeing Coach & Energy Healing Practitioner

Small Call to Action Headline

David Cross - Vision Digital

Laura Noland - LMN Marketing

Who do I work with?

Creators & Coaches

I have an awesome coaching platform that we'll use to get SUPER clear on your offer, program and help you to create all of the marketing assets and content you need to launch your course, program or product! After that my team can help you market your new offer and even help you setup all of the tech and automations for your marketing.

Local Businesses

Most local businesses are doing what I call "Spaghetti Marketing"... just throwing random stuff at the wall to see what sticks. Unfortunately, this is a HUGE drain on resources (think outside of just money here... time, effort, etc.). I'll help you recapture wasted resources and help you figure out the best places to reallocate those resources.

I help small biz owners, coaches, etc. that are gearing up to scale and grow to do so with the least amount of risk, least amount of effort and highest number of options.

Before you look to scale, it's always important to identify:




in your business and fix those first. This way when we do start to scale, you're not losing a ton of resources due to a leaky bucket...

That's where I come in. I start by doing an in depth full business audit to identify said gaps, weaknesses, and/or risks and also leverage points of the highest growth opportunity.

Then I'll create a comprehensive plan for you to be able to fix the problems and take advantage of the leverage points.

The main areas of both weakness and leverage are usually:
- Product/service/offer

- Sales/Follow Up

- Marketing

- Operational/Owner

I've been in sales and marketing for more than a decade. I helped clients grow their businesses on Instagram, generated leads from Google ads and other marketing channels, created high converting websites and landing pages, and a lot more. I found myself always providing coaching or consulting to my clients, for free. Those that implemented my ideas into their businesses generally profited greatly and got closer to what

I always showed up best and was happiest when I was coaching my clients, helping them improve not only their businesses, but themselves as well. I realized I've been providing free coaching for clients for ages, because I loved it. But I also realized I had some patterns I needed to break.

Over the years I've helped clients grow businesses to over 6 figures, solely from their Instagram account. I've coached multiple 6 figure biz owners on business strategies, processes and procedures, sales, marketing, created new offers, etc.

If you want to grow your business it starts with finding the holes in the bucket, or recovering wasted resources. How wasteful and difficult would it be to open the floodgates to try to scale, and then try to catch all of it in a big huge bucket full of holes? Get it? Cool. We first plug the holes, then work on the leverage points!

My Mentors

Nic Peterson

Over the past 12 years Nic has built multiple 7 to 9 figure businesses, using the timeless principles taught in the CCA Program. Nic has recently partnered with Joe Polish, Chris Voss, and other amazing humans.

Dan Nicholson

A Not Boring Finance Guy Helping Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs achieve Financial Certainty. WSJ/USA Today Best Selling Author and Certainty Coach.

Randy Massengale

Randy Massengale was a Senior Advisor for Bill Gates during the creation of Microsoft. Since then Randy has mentored and worked with many of the country's top minds.

Blake Schofield

Blake is a mother of three and a former corporate executive with 18 years of experience in growing and revamping 8-9 figure businesses. Her superpower lies in alignment, adeptly identifying core issues, optimizing individual strengths, and devising strategic life plans.

What I've Been Learning

Certainty Certified Advisors

CCA is a program taught by Dan Nicholson & Randy Massengale certifying graduates in the Certainty Methodology that has been used for decades to build multiple 7, 8, and 9 figure companies.

The Guardian Academy

TGA is an awesome thing with awesome people. Live to Learn, Give to Earn.

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