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I'm Tanner

What do I do?

How about I give you an example of what I do?

Cool? Cool.

I've worked with many different people:

  • Helped clients grow their social following from less than 1k to over 30k+ and making over 6-figures from that following!

  • Consulted/Coached multiple 6 - figure business owners on business strategies, internal processes and procedures, created new offers and more

  • Coached multiple 6-figure business owners through mindset issues, internal misalignments, getting clarity on what is actually most important and more

A common theme with those that aren't happy with their businesses, jobs, or life is because they listen to everyone EXCEPT the person that acutally matters most... THEMSELVES!

If you are feeling like something is missing, you're unhappy with your business, feel trapped or feel like you can't make time for YOU or your loved ones... then this is for you.

Often times we, as people, want to accomplish something, but we don't take the time to get clarity on the 'why' behind what we want to accomplish. We fall into the marketers trap of just pushing for "more" rather than putting together a system that moves us closer to what actually matters to us.

Rather than listening to our inner voice that we believe is right, we doubt and do what everyone else thinks we should do. Here's the thing...

How can you build something extraordinary by doing everything that everyone else is doing?

You can't.

Stop pushing for more. More money. Nicer car. Bigger house. By choosing the path towards more, you actually get further away from what you want, all because you didn't take the time to figure out it.

This is what I do.

I help you discover what you actually want (Clarity), while chipping away at the things that have been pushed on you by well-meaning mentors, coaches or leaders.

We build a foundation and put tools in place so that you can make choices for you business that will get you closer to what you want (Certainty).

If you want results and/or want to get CLOSER to what you want in life sustainably...

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Tanner Hanks

Husband/Father - Student - Coach

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