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"Tanner was quickly able to understand my business, get me to a point of clarity on how I can serve my clients, and the easiest, simplest path to give them the result they're looking for. It's given me such a purpose and a plan for my clients. That's what Tanner does. That's what he did for me."

Shawn Butler, Owner of Relevant Business Development, MBA & MMktg

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I'm Tanner Hanks

I'm a coach, always have been. I'm a student, I love to learn useful things & apply them.

I help small biz owners, coaches, etc. that are gearing up to scale and grow to do so with the least amount of risk, least amount of effort and highest number of options.

Before you look to scale, it's always important to identify:




in your business and fix those first. This way when we do start to scale, you're not losing a ton of resources due to a leaky bucket...

That's where I come in. I start by doing an in depth full business audit to identify said gaps, weaknesses, and/or risks and also leverage points of the highest growth opportunity.

Then I'll create a comprehensive plan for you to be able to fix the problems and take advantage of the leverage points.

I've been in sales and marketing for more than a decade. I helped clients grow their businesses on Instagram, generated leads from Google ads and other marketing channels, created high converting websites and landing pages, and a lot more. I found myself always providing coaching or consulting to my clients, for free. Those that implemented my ideas into their businesses generally profited greatly and got closer to what

I always showed up best and was happiest when I was coaching my clients, helping them improve not only their businesses, but themselves as well. I realized I've been providing free coaching for clients for ages, because I loved it. But I also realized I had some patterns I needed to break.

Over the years I've helped clients grow businesses to over 6 figures, solely from their Instagram account. I've coached multiple 6 figure biz owners on business strategies, processes and procedures, sales, marketing, created new offers, etc.

If you want to grow your business it starts with finding the holes in the bucket, or recovering wasted resources. How wasteful and difficult would it be to open the floodgates to try to scale, and then try to catch all of it in a big huge bucket full of holes? Get it? Cool. We first plug the holes, then work on the leverage points!

What Others Say About Me

"Tanner has a laidback, easy approach; gives you space to talk; pauses, tells you he's just thinking and then, bam: precisely articulates the issue, having extricated it from your verbal stream of why you may not be getting the results you want. And pulls a theory out of nowhere that accurately mirrors what you've been experiencing.

That was my experience during my session with Tanner. He nailed the root cause of my pressing business [personal] problem; offered practical solutions and mirrored back to me what I already knew. Tanner then gave me a model of working which encapsulates my talents and conveys to my ideal client what I can do for them.

For me, what Tanner offers is like a business therapy session. Tanner is generous with his time and his gifts. Highly recommended, if you're ready to gain some serious clarity to move you forward in business."

Tricia Mitchell - Wellbeing Coach & Energy Healing Practitioner

David Cross - Vision Digital

"I wish I had this kind of guidance when I first started my business. I'd be much further along if I had! I'm so looking forward to our next call! This is this kind of guidance I've paid for and never received from other [coaches/mentors]. He has given me so much direction in my business. He's not money hungry and has actually saved me money because he knows so much, he's well equipped to help me in ALL aspects of business. Not just selling people business information they can find on the internet for free. If you're looking for guidance and someone who actually knows what they're talking about, DO NOT HESITTATE to reach out to Tanner. The man knows that he's doing!"

Benita Akade - Certified Esthetician, Owner of Formulaire LLC

Laura Noland - LMN Marketing

What I've Been Learning

CCA is a program taught by Dan Nicholson, Nic Peterson & Randy Massengale certifying graduates in the Certainty Methodology that has been used for decades to build multiple 7, 8, and 9 figure companies.

My Teachers/Mentors:

Nic Peterson

Over the past 12 years Nic has built multiple 7 to 9 figure businesses, using the timeless principles taught in the CCA Program. He now focuses on building awesome stuff in Web 3, partnering with people focused on removing suffering from the world, and teaching others how to do the same in their own world.

Dan Nicholson

A Not Boring Finance Guy Helping Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs achieve Financial Certainty. WSJ/USA Today Best Selling Author and Certainty Coach.

Randy Massengale

Randy Massengale was a Senior Advisor for Bill Gates during the creation of Microsoft. Since then Randy has mentored and worked with many of the country's top minds.

Board Certified Hypnotherapist

I've used Hypnosis along with other mental tools to cure my depression and get off of medication. I've used hypnosis to help others with relaxation, peace, and more. In a hypnotic state, we access theta (or even delta) brain waves where suggestions can be made directly to the subconscious without your conscious mind getting in the way.

Certified Life Coach

In my quest to learn and better myself I've learned extremely useful life coaching tools and mechanisms. I find it amazing how much of what I've learned from this certification can be applied in business coaching. Hint: Most problems in a business are caused by the business owner...

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Currently living in NC, but working with clients around the Globe.

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