Clarity, What the heck is it?

Clarity, What the heck is it?

Clarity, we hear a lot of people talking about it right now, but what the heck is it? In the words of Ted Lasso, when asked to explain the offside rule, “like the US Supreme court ruling when they defined pornography as being something that 'isn’t easy to explain, but you know it when you see it’”. Clarity is something that is exactly that, hard to explain or define, but once you have it, it can change your life.  More on that later.  Make sense?

I've realized that most mistakes in business stem from a lack of clarity in their business.  Not being clear can cause problems in almost all aspects of your business... I mean, think about it.

If you don't have clarity around...

- What you want - then you are likely to get distracted, waste money, and lose touch with why you even started the business in the first place.
- What your superpower is and what you enjoy doing - otherwise, you're likely to end up burning out, hating your business, or losing the sense of fulfillment along the way
- Who does your business serve - The first answer here is you, your business exists to serve you and then your client.  If you forget this, then you won't be building a business... you'll just be building another job.
There are more areas that often have problems because of a lack of clarity, sales, fulfillment, onboarding, messaging, positioning, etc.  

I know someone that had an awesome vision for their business, They even had a dream to change the world, it seemed very heart - centered and good.  But they never took the time to actually figure out what they wanted in their life.  They had a really hard life, family, money, etc. really difficult things, and they never really had a lot of money.  So, once their business took off, and they had more than they needed, they got caught up in the money and ended up being distracted by the fear of losing what they now have. Their fear of losing the money and going back to how life was before, was so great, they made horrible decisions for their business.  They spent 5 or 6 figures in one year on extra coaches or shiny objects that:
1. they didn't need and 2. had almost zero chance of moving the needle for them.   Why did this happen? Because They didn't have clarity around what they actually wanted, when you have clarity you can ignore the shiny objects, or guru's promising to instantly double your revenue through chatbots, or other stuff (not to say chatbots don't work, but they don't work for everyone). 

If you know what you really want, in life, in business and are clear about those things, it becomes much easier to take baby steps consistently in the right direction and avoid distractions.  The truth is if people consistently did the things that would get them closer to what they want, they would have what they want faster than they thought possible.  Remember, baby steps.

or as Princess Anna says in Frozen 2, "just do the next right thing."

So what is clarity? My definition, pertaining to life and business, is, knowing where you are, what you want/where you want to be and having a clear path on how to get there.  

Think about it this way... most businesses have problems, and most business owners know their business has problems, but many times the problem they think they have is not the problem at all.  Much like a when we're sick, if we know we're sick what do we do?  We go to the doctor to get a diagnosis right? Then, once diagnosed, treatment can start, aka solving the problem.  

How would you feel if your doctor, no matter what symptoms you had, always prescribed the same solution or treatment?  

"Doc, I think my leg is broken"

"Oh a little diet and exercise should fix that."

"um what?"

Sounds crazy, right?  But the reality is, that's what so many service providers, gurus, etc. are doing today.  Rather than taking the time to diagnose the problems of a business, learn about the owners unique biases, etc.  they try to fit their clients into their solution, when they really don't know if it's what the client needs or not.

"To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail." -Mark Twain

Another friend of mine, we'll call him Bob, wanted to open a new branch of his business, Bob wanted to grow it quickly, and found out about a guy, a guru, we'll call him Ted, that had helped a few other consultants do $1 million days through HIS method.  Bob was told that Ted wouldn't even talk to him until he paid him $30k, so Bob did.  Bob found out that this guru's method involved Facebook lives, Facebook groups, etc.  most of which my friend really, really, really disliked.  Bob was much more of a LinkedIn guy.  Well, to make a long story short, we'll just say that after over $10k spent on Facebook ads Bob had gotten 0 people to join his new consulting program, and even worse... it didn't seem like anyone that joined his Facebook group were even close to his target avatar. 
Had this guru taken any time to talk with Bob and understand his unique biases, his goals, what he wanted, etc.  He would've seen that a relatively small adaptation to his strategy  would've likely gotten Bob significantly better results... what change? Using LinkedIn rather than Facebook.  Had there been even a small amount of diagnosis happen, the results likely would've been significantly different, but we'll never really know.  It was a really expensive lesson for Bob.
Why? Because he didn't have clarity.

I'll share a story about myself, I started my marketing business in 2016 (I think...). When I first started my business, I spent A LOT of time working, building my website, designing stuff, making sure everything was perfect, but you know what I didn’t do? Get any clients or make any money. Why? Because I was so busy doing busy work… I felt like I was working hard, but I wasn’t focused on the 1 or 2 things that I needed to do in order to move the needle in my business.  On top of that, I discovered the world of "Lifetime Deals" for software.  Oh man, it was awesome, I bought tools for things I could possibly do in the future, like Facebook ads, or reporting, or SEO, etc.  I probably spent $20,000 or more on lifetime deals over the past 5 years... most of which I've never touched since I purchased them. Why? Because I didn't know what I wanted... I just wanted a way to make money. I wasn't thinking about my happiness, or past the next 6 months, let alone the rest of my life.  I didn't have a direction for my business, so I went in 20 different directions and tried to do everything. Which made it really hard to get good at anything.
Does that resonate at all? We’re so busy trying to move fast, that we don't take to time to find our direction first. So we end up going really fast in circles and then get burnt out.  Sucks right?  We “worked” really hard and did a lot, but it wasn’t the right “a lot” to do.  

If none of this sounds familiar or resonates with you, awesome! Maybe this will… You want to start a business or make changes in your life, but you’re too focused on the end goal.  So what happens? Focusing on the end goal makes it seem super daunting, scary, overwhelming, etc.  so you feel paralyzed with anxiety or maybe even just give up because you think you can never get there.  I’ve been there before.The cure for this anxiety and paralysis is clarity.

Clarity is knowing where you are, where your end goal is and figuring out the route to get there; and then focusing only on the next 1 or 2 things that will move the needle the most in your business. Now, have you ever found something really easy to do for someone else or in someone else’s business, but that same thing is really hard for you to do in your life or business?  It’s likely you have (and if not, again, kudos! That’s freaking amazing), I have too.   A business mentor and future friend of mine said this (not sure if he invented it):

“You can’t read the label from inside the bottle”.

I’ve found that to be true and a lot of people I’ve worked with or talked to have as well.  I’m not saying it’s 100% accurate, but I would say it’s true more often than not.I believe that clarity can have the single largest impact on you and your business and on your ability to impact the world.Think about this….

What happens if you have clarity on what you want from life? What happens if you have clarity on what you want from your business?

I can go on…

Clarity on…

Where you actually are right now, where you are really are, and a custom way to get there (that actually takes into account your unique disposition) the other stuff is important too: Offer, messaging, audience, etc.

You know what happens? It becomes infinitely easier to take action, to move the needle, and to identify the 1 or 2 things each day, each week, each month, that will have the biggest impact on your business.

If you’re feeling stuck in your business, chances are you have a lack of clarity somewhere.  Right? If so, we should probably talk. If you want clarity, let’s chat! Or not. It’s up to you.  On the call, I’m not going to hard sell you on anything, I’m going to help you get some clarity and then give you the opportunity to work with me, but only if I feel like you’re a good fit.  If you want to, awesome, if not, that’s fine.  Just hang out in my world, read some of my stuff, maybe watch some videos (if I decide to make any) and see what my clients are doing.