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Oh! and keep your eyes out for a special message from me coming to your email.


Welcome Form

Quickly fill out the welcome form found here:


Sign the Agreement

Agreements are there to protect both you and I. Please take a few minutes to fill out/sign the agreement here:


Log Into the Hub

Check your email for an email from "Plutio", Subject line "Invitation from Tanner". This will have a link allowing you to accept the invitation to join the hub.
This is a task/project management platform to help us keep track of your homework and keep you focused on the next right thing. This is also where you'll have all the links you need :) 
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Book Your Session

Make sure you take the time to book your first call with me! Do that here:


Join Our Community!

As this program grows our community will grow as well! We are doing it a little bit differently and using Discord as the home for said community. We like it better than facebook for a number of reasons, but we'll go over those later.
Discord can be used just browser based, but we encourage you to download the mobile app as well. Discord will be the primary mode of communication and support. If you have questions for Tanner between your sessions, Discord is the best way to reach him.
Join the community here:


Fill Out 'Compile' Form

Okay, now don't rush through this one. It's important so that I can have a good understanding. We'll likely spend most of the first call unpacking and digging deeper on this stuff. 
Two Rules: BE REAL & HONEST with yourself and me
Fill that out here:



Often what happens after someone makes a big decision like this is they go through different stages... so it's likely you are or may feel super excited or the opposite. Guess what? That's totally normal.  
If you are feeling anything or have any questions, feel free to message me on Discord (there will be a video on how to use discord, don't worry), and I will respond when I can.  
I want you to value your time, your priorities, your family, etc. so how would it seem if I didn't do the same right? If I don't reply immediately, don't fret, I'm here for you. 
Now, full transparency, I do have ADHD, so there is a chance that I saw your message and then had a child or wife interrupt me and I forgot. If I don't reply within 24 hours during the week, shoot me a quick follow up or reminder.
If you need some cheering up or just want to smile click here. Unless you hate kids, then don't. Well... maybe do, maybe this will help you not hate kids?